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Welcome to our newly designed web page along with our first blog!

I guess I should start with some early facts about the beginnings of the Brian Ahearn Children’s Fund. Our first donation was for $800 from the Warwick Little League.  This was originally a deposit for the Little League Golf Outing fundraiser scheduled for September.  As board members of WLL and friends of the Ahearn family, we were all affected deeply by Brian’s struggles and quickly voted to postpone the golf outing until May and make it a fundraiser for the Ahearn family.

Our first meeting was just coffee at my dining room table with myself, Dave Lawrence, Jerry Gallagher and Bill Walker.  We decided we needed to bring Jeff Ahearn in on our plans and voted for Dave Lawrence, as a longtime family friend, to share our intentions.  A month later, the five of us met and presented our “simple, grass roots plans” to Jeff.  He thanked us and went into his “vision” of what the fund could accomplish and our mission statement of today was born.

Jeff’s vision is what the Brian Ahearn Fund is today – a charity that has given over One Million Dollars to families with sick children and families in need of help.  Over the last 18 years, so many people have supported the Fund and we continue to be of service because of all that support.  Quite a few of our board members have been on our Board for over 10 years and myself, Jerry, Dave and Jeff have watched it grow steadily and help the community from the beginning.  This has been a great experience for everyone involved.

Thanks for reading a little about our beginnings and look for future blogs from our various board members.

One last note …….. our “engine” is and will always be Jeff and Kathy Ahearn and their devotion to keeping Brian’s memory alive in the hearts of others.